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CCR Megalodon Pathfinder Rebreather

CCR Megalodon Pathfinder Rebreather

Manufacturer: Inner Space Systems Corporation

Models: - Electronic controlled oxygen injected APECS Pathfinder e-CCR

Country of origin: Made in the U.S.A.

Number of units on the market: to be released in late 2011

ISC Pathfinder Megalodon with IS CEO Leon Scamahorn

General Description: The Pathfinder is opening the door for the recreational diver with its extreme compact size and backmounted shoulder counterlungs. Only one tank is installed onboard, the oxygen tank. Dilluent and bailout are combined in the offboard bailout tank.

Type of Rebreather: CCR electronically controlled with three oxygen sensors but can be used manually with dilluent and oxygen inflators mounted on the counterlungs.

ISC Pathfinder Rebreather

Number of handsets: One hand sets for the Pathfinder e-CCR. One ISC handset with easy to use electronics menu and excellent milivolt ( mV ) readings to see when the sensors expire or for oxygen calibration. Great display of batteries voltage to see when they are ready for a new set.

Spliced in factory installed Shearwater handset are an option with decompression algorythm.

Location of main electronics: The main electronics are located in the lid right next to the sensors, solenoid and battery compartments.

ISC Megalodon Pathfinder CCR Rebreather

Information displayed in the handsets: No decompression information, time or depth is displayed at this point in time. The Po2 is displayed on the main default screen. Set points can be chosen ranging from manual to 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

Heads Up Electronics ( HUD ): Rebreather has optional HUD that is a must have item, that works great. Amber blink on single LED version or red and green blink togehter on two LED version: Po2 is 1.0

Red blink: Per red blink a Po2 of 0.1 below Po2 of 1.0. Rapid fire red blinking is Po2 below 0.5

Green blink: Per green blink a Po2 of 0.1 above Po2 of 1.0

Sensors: Three Theledyne R22D sensor are used in the original manufacturer version. Other sensors such as th A.I. sensors working well too.

Batteries: Battery pack utilizing AA batteries that have to be soldered together into packs of 5 sitting in two independent battery compartments inside the stack and lid together with the main switches. Larger D size Lithium cell packs can be used as well as 9 V block batteries with cable adapter.

Automatic Dilluent Valve ( ADV ): Optional available with older larger version utilizing a Scubapro second stage and newer streamlined version designed by Innerspace Systems. A must have item.

Diveable weight: Around 35 lbs / 15 kilos with absorbent and depending on what size and material of onboard tanks was chosen.

Travel weight: Unit can be shipped in carry on without tank, excellent choice for people who travel a lot.

Canister design: Unit is designed for the Micropore Extended Air cartridges with two special adapters.

Canister duration: Four hours duration in warm water and three hours in cold water.

Absorbent: Micropore Extend Air cartridge.

Counterlungs and position: The Manta counterlung is a backmounted shoulder counterlung sitting on the divers shoulders cleaning up the profile and is leaving the chest area free and uncluttered.

Flood recovery: Good flood recovery due to large overpressure valve in exhalation counterlung. Water trap in bottom of stack housing, closed and water tight battery compartment as well as electronics.

Support locations worldwide: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America

Special uses of unit: Recreational CCR with excelent capabilities to 300 feet / 90 meters depth. Super compact and extremely good to travel with.

Current delivery time: To be anounced

If you have any questions please e-mail us