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Quality CCR Rebreather Megalodon training, diving, guiding and support in caves, wreck and the ocean in Mexico at the ProTec Dive Centers in Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico.

CCR Rebreather Megalodon diver

The Megalodon CCR Rebreather is a fine piece of diving machine sporting double heavy-duty o-ring seals on all connections, a heavy-duty aluminum gas plenum canister where the electronics and C02 absorbent canister are housed in, a long duration radial scrubber and excelent Bail Out Valve or BOV.

The Megalodon CCR Rebreather

The Megalodon CCR Rebreathers can be used as a CCR nitrox unit, CCR normoxic trimix unit and is CCR trimix Rebreather capable to a depth of more than 500 feet / 150 meters. The CCR Megalodon Rebreathers are currently used for a wide range of diving applications such as recreational diving, cave diving, wreck diving or technical diving.

Extreme high machining and quality standards are the motto of the day when it comes how to these CCR Rebreathers are made. The Automatic Diluent Valve or ADV is an importand safety feature addition during busy events or runaway descents. The Heads Up Display or HUD is a sweet dream to dive with enabling the diver to watch the Po2 at all times, even the busiest ones.

ISC - InnerSpace Systems Corp has announced the CE mark for the APECS 2.7 variant of the CCR Megalodon Rebreather. This milestone has been some time in the making and in concert with the Mk 28 Mod 0 certification by the US Navy places the CCR Megalodon Rebreather in a unique position.

All ISC Megalodon CCR or Closed Circuit Rebreathers including the CCR Megalodon Pathfinder Rebrather made by the Inner Space Systems Corporation in Centralia, Washington State, USA. All ISC products are third party tested under stringend ISO and CE guidelines. ProTec Dive Centers are authorized for CCR Megalodon Rebreather sales to trained CCR Megalodon divers or students in training.

CCR Megalodon Rebreather support

ProTec Dive Center & Advanced Training Facility located in Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico are a partner in ISC's newly established World Traveler program where ISC Megalodon Rebreather owners can rent a Megalodon Gas Plenum Canister and Radial Scrubber free of charge in order to reduce weight when traveling and diving around the world.

CCR Megalodon Rebreather training

Diving Rebreathers can result in serious injury if not done correctly. Propper training and protocol is required to prevent hypercapnia, hypoxia and hyperoxia. Training and purchase of a Megalodon CCR Rebreather is available with ProTec dive centers in Mexico or world wide as we will travel to your location and train you in your local waters, rivers, quarry, ocean, reef, cave, wreck or pond to maximize your training experience.

CCR Megalodon Rebreather Cave diving & Wreck diving

The CCR Rebreather diving, CCR Rebreather wreck diving and CCR Rebreather cave diver guiding is available with us along with CCR Rebreather support such as oxygen sensors, Co2 absorbent Sofnolime and Haskel Booster pump oxygen fills.

The CCR Rebreather diving training to the levels of mod 1, mod 2 and CCR cave diver on this web site are provided by the ProTec dive centers ProTec Playa del Carmen and ProTec Tulum with CCR Megalodon Instructor Andreas W. Matthes a.k.a. Matt who is an experienced CCR Megalodon Rebreather diver, Instructor & Instructor Trainer with CCR Rebreather diving experience ranging back to 1997.

CCR Megalodon Rebreather purchase and sale

The CCR Megalodon Rebreather can be purchased through us and is delivered in four versions, either a computer controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather (e-CCR) or a mechanicaly or manually controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather (m-CCR) with Mini, Cave, Regular or Extended Can size as well as the newly developed Predator and Pathfinder CCR Rebreathers

CCR Rebreather Megalodon cave diver

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